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Great Digital Meat Thermometer

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Perfectly cooked steak

Perfect Cooking Every Time!

Cook like a professional every time with succulent, juicy meat just the way you like it. Our digital meat thermometers make cooking your meat easy, effortless and fool proof. Just insert the probe, choose your setting & wait for the alarm to go off! Simple!

Keep your friends and family dinners happy by taking the stress out of knowing exactly when the food is done just right, how everyone likes it. There is nothing worse than putting on a big meal, only to have that big rib eye come out a bit too bloody, or worst still having under cooked chicken – that’s just dangerous!

Best Beef Brisket

Imagine how popular you’ll be with your family!
Impress with that big family dinner coming up and how proud you’ll be with the first cut into that big joint of meat, you’ll feel amazing. By showing off cooking skills usually reserved for the professionals, everyone won’t stop saying ‘Wow, that was perfect!’ With 3 probes, you can even cook different cuts on meat at the same time without having to guess what will be ready when. Talk about the perfect cooking assistant. 

How Will Our Great Meat Thermometer Help You?

  • No more guessing when the meat is done, get the crispy crackling on your pork with the perfectly juicy meat inside every time
  • Stress free cooking – use the alarm to tell you when the meat is done perfectly
  • You get more with us – 3 probes give you more options
  • Spend less time in the kitchen worrying and more time enjoying cooking
  • Updated bright screen so you can see what temperature your food is at all the time

Does This Sound Familiar?

I’ve often struggled and stressed in the kitchen, especially with our big 20-25 people family get together. The stress of having expensive cuts of meat in the oven and not wanting to overcook or worse under cook the meat. The disappointment often ruined my day if we had to cut around the rare inside bit which had to go back into the oven.

That’s why when we found this product, we decided to make it our own and help people just like me put the enjoyment back into cooking big family get togethers. Now when we have the family over, or our over achieving friends, I enjoy a beer or glass of wine casually waiting for the timer to go off to let me know the food is ready. Happy, stress free cooking – finally!!!

Not being great on the BBQ or grill, I used to leave the cooking of steak to my friends as I always got blamed for rare steak. But with our new temperature probes I can confidently take control of my own grill again and keep my wife happy. You know what they say, happy wife – happy life and it’s true!

How Do You Like Your Meat Cooked?

Choose your settings! With 18 pre-programmed temperature settings to pick from and then a manual setting – the sky is the limit to what you can cook with what we think are one of the best meat thermometers on the market.

Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Lamb, Veal, Fish and even Hamburgers – we have settings for everything. You can even use this great thermometer to make yogurt, cheese, candy or even temper chocolate.


Some handy hints:

  1. We recommend, like most good chefs, to take the meat out a few degrees earlier than when the desired temperature is reached and allow the meat to rest for at least 15 minutes. The temperature will still go up a few degrees and resting meat allows the juices to settle which only improves the flavor.
  2. When resting, don’t wrap the meat too tight with aluminium foil. A simple drape over the top will keep the meat nice and warm for a good 30 minutes. If you wrap too tightly the meat will keep cooking.
  3. Don’t be afraid to use the PROGRAM setting if you’re not sure if the recommended temperature is right for you. Recent USDA recommendations put the temperatures of mainly pork at lower than what the standard settings are. They recommend now you can cook pork at medium rare (145 deg F) & medium (150 deg F). Give it a try and see if how much more flavor your favorite pork roast comes out with.
  4. To clean the probes, it’s best to wipe with a damp cloth. Do not immerse the whole probe in water.

Techie Stuff:

  1. Temperature range of the probes is 14 – 482 degrees F (-10 to 250 degrees C)
  2. Probes are 7 inch food grade stainless steel with a 42 inch stainless steel wire which can be run through an oven or smoker door – who says size doesn’t matter!
  3. 2 x AAA batteries included – they are wrapped in plastic, so don’t do what I did the first time & think the unit is faulty. Unwrap the batteries!
  4. Each unit comes with meat thermometer, 3 probes, 2 x AAA batteries and instruction manual (most of the time) - we’ll email the instructions out in any case.
  5. The plastic unit cannot handle high temperatures, try to keep it below 110 degrees F (45 degrees C). Don’t use the magnets to stick it on a hot oven, smoker or grill - it will melt!


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