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$12.90 $34.95

So, how do you light up those places around your home without an electrician and hundreds or thousands of dollars? Simple, get some easy to install bright solar lights! These great little solar lights are both lightweight and powerful. With...

$25.90 $49.95

“Don’t look in the light!”    “but it’s so beautiful…” That’s one of my favorite movie lines, but seriously I wouldn’t look into this solar light again (everyone is blinded at least once including me!). This modern solar light is so...

Free energy from the sun is the best way to power anything and these days the technology is so good that with solar lights there are no substitutes. No wiring, only a screw or two to mount the light and you have safe, free lighting for any area of your house.

Not only do our products come with the best solar technology, they all come with motion sensors and multiple settings so you can get the lighting requirements that suit any space.