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Q. How do you get the mouse light to run on solar power?

A. In the battery compartment, press the white button - this toggles between internal battery power and powering the light with standard batteries.

Q. If I put rechargeable batteries in the Solar Mouse Light will they charge?

A. Yes they will, if the light mode is on battery power then the solar panel will charge rechargeable batteries 


Q. Can you use all 3 probes at the same time?

A. You can put all 3 into different cuts of meat so you don't have to open your oven or smoker but you can only read one item at a time. You can only plug one probe into the display unit at a time.
Our suggestion would be to have the lowest temperature cut of meat on the timer first, then once that is done & the alarm has gone off move onto the next one & then the highest temperature one last. There is a chart of the temperatures in the instructions so you can work out which order to go in.

Q. Can it be used in the oven, as instant read, and for constantly monitoring water temperature (sous vide)? Also, how fast do probes read on meat?

A. Definitely to both questions! The probes are designed to go into the oven, bbq, smoker or sous vide machine with the gauge on the outside which is why they have a long cord. The probes will take a few seconds to reach temperature as they're designed to go in the meat right at the start & stay in - which is why we give you 3 probes so you can do at least 3 cuts without waiting for the probes to reach temperature.

Q. How long are the probes?

A. The actual probe is 7 inches but the cord is a further 3 1/2 feet long.

Q. Would this work for yogurt too. I need an alarm to sound when the temperature decreases to 115 deg F

A. It sure would