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48 LED Wall Solar Light

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What most people are looking for in an outdoor solar light is brightness, well that’s what we have right here! A whopping 600 lumens of nice, clean, smooth light – nothing that shines in your eyes & blinds you every time you look past but a powerful bright light that lights up most yards very easily.

Clever Lighting at its Best

Solar powered lights are the easiest & best way to brighten up your home. Once installed, you get free energy from the sun all year round. No more massive power bills to keep the outside lit up all year round. Enjoy your whole outdoors again, no matter how dark it gets.

48 LED Solar Wall Light InstalledYou can even relax by your pool at night, entertaining with friends without the stress of getting an electrician in to wire in those extra lights you always need.Imagine with a few of these great solar wall lights placed around your home you can enjoy the outdoors any time of the day or night. They project so much light there won’t be anywhere in your property you won’t feel safe walking at night. Don’t ever trip over in the dark again! Don’t you just hate it when you have to go down the back of the yard or put the trash out in the dark and you stub your toe on something you didn’t see. Or trip over that kids toy that’s been left out. Ouch that hurts and how many times have we done it! But with a few solar sensor lights placed around your yard this will never happen to you again. The sensors on this light will automatically turn the light on with movement within 15-25 feet so you can leave them on all year round.

Unlike most solar lights these days, this wall light is made from an aluminium frame with quality construction. The bracket is tightly fixed to this aluminium frame so the lights lock in nice & tight, but stay locked in.

We wanted to bring to market something we’re proud of, something unlike the masses as we love our customers and we want our customers to have the best. So we researched and researched till we were happy with what we give to you today. A stylish, extremely bright, powerful solar motion sensor light.

All our products at The Clever Life Company are extensively tested to give you the reliability you need when making a purchase. From the brightness to the IP65 water proofing, down to the internal wiring – we test everything before shipping to you.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

These lights are the best solar lights I have ordered so far. I have ordered about 4 different types and have them at our rental and our home.

Solar lights in general have continued to advance since the time I first ordered them. In my opinion, these are some of the best and top of the line at this time.

Durability: They were left outside on a table during an ice storm where they were completely submerged in ice. As the ice slowly melted away, it left them in an icy puddle. I thought for sure they would be ruined, but no! To my surprise, they still worked like new!

Conclusion: At this time, I can't speak highly enough about these lights. I would recommend them to anyone. I will edit and revise my review if things change.

Caroline (CEG)

How do I Install the Lights?

48 LED Wall Solar Light Contents

Glad you asked, as you can see from the metal bracket we want these lights to stay exactly where they are screwed into, the slot in to the screws tightly.

A simple 2 screws into anything solid by using the included spacer – it is very important you get the spacing right. Leave the screws sticking out slightly & slot the light on, job done!

How it Works:

Choose from multiple light settings

  • Press 1 time. Dim light on / Bright when motion is detected and stays on for 1 minute
  • Press 2 times. No light / Bright when motion is detected and stays on for 1 minute
  • Press 3 times. Always on at night for 75% brightness
  • Just press for a fourth time to turn off.

Because these lights can automatically come on when it is dark, your home is protected even when you’re away.

Techie Stuff:

  • Solid aluminium construction/bracket
  • IP65 Waterproofing case
  • 600 Lumen output from a 48 high powered LED’s
  • Free energy from the sun with a 6V 3W Poly-si panel that converts 18% of the sun’s rays into energy for you. So efficient it only takes 6 hours to charge to full power.
  • Full power consists of a whopping 3.7V 4000 mAh battery capacity that allows this light to stay on 100% brightness for more than 10 hours straight
  • PIR motion sensor is activated with movement within 15-25 feet

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